50 Years of Smale Project - Jake Read

Image of Jake Read standing near Stacking Tripod Chairs
Stacking Tripod Chairs
Image of Stacking Tripod Chairs
Stacking Tripod Chairs

Jake Read is currently working on his PhD at the MIT Center for Bits and Atoms with Neil Gershenfeld, where he is trying to uncover the key technologies that will enable rapid scaling and broad interoperability in open source manufacturing. In practice, he is an Engineer / Designer of machines, software (embedded and otherwise), circuits, and networked systems.


Machines that make:

The Machines That Make project at the MIT Center for Bits and Atoms is developing machines, modular machine components, end effectors, frameworks and circuits to allow rapid prototyping of rapid prototyping equipment for use in fab labs.

Ratchet Description:
A bootstrapping machine, aimed towards fabrication of sheet stocks using a routing end-effector, assuming starting equipment is barebones shop tools (listed) and some 3D Printer. The BOM is ideally short and sweet and cheap, and assembly is ideally simple.

Routed Description:
An example eagle project that you can clone to see what-all is going on when you’re designing circuits.

Platonic Gantry Design:
Fallen from the abstract spheres, these gantry designs come to us ~ d i s c o n n e c t e d ~ from any worldly reality, i.e any particular machine. This repository contains a parametric CAD model of the gantry that can be downloaded and configured for length / width / height, and integrated into a larger assembly - adding joinery / mounting patterns / etc.

Project Descriptions sourced from http://mtm.cba.mit.edu/