50 Years of Smale Project - James Clarke-Hicks

many different shapes of 3D printed ceramic volumes
3D printed architectural ceramics
Process of machine 3D printing ceramic volume
3D printed architectural ceramics - Process

James Clarke-Hicks is currently completing his M.Arch at the University of Waterloo School of Architecture. His professional background includes construction, material prototyping and landscape architecture. James has previously exhibited furniture and architectural prototypes at the Toronto Design Offsite Festival, IIDEX Woodshop, IDS Prototype Show, IDS Showroom, Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery, Come up to my Room and Cambridge Riverside Galleries. James current work, in collaboration with Isabel Ochoa, explores lighting design through the material deformation of 3D printed architectural ceramics. Their research investigates novel geometries that emerge during the wet processing of stoneware and porcelain-proposing that matter, form and light function reciprocally with one another. Check out more of their thesis research at @jclarkehicks