2019-20 Award Winners - Emmeily Zhang

rendered view of project
Spaces for Economic Diversity
Emmeily Zhang

Congratulations to Emmeily Zhang, recipient of the Alpha Rho Chi Medal + Canadian Architect Student Award of Excellence nominee + thesis commended. 

Emmeily is a designer whose interest lies at the intersection of architecture and economy and reaches across scales of investigation. Centered on modes of diverse economies, Emmeily’s thesis explores the physical manifestations of a narrow definition of economy and proposes urban-scaled zoning interventions and dwelling-scaled architectural interventions for alternative, diverse forms of economy. Emmeily has practiced in Copenhagen, New York, Rotterdam, and is currently focused on designing landscapes and public spaces in Toronto. Taking the lessons learned from her community-oriented thesis, Emmeily continues to nurture a deep appreciation for all forms of exchange, from radical empathy, to trading, to sharing.