WA Supports Call for UW to Divest From Fossil Fuels

Public Statement

Close to 2000 Faculty, staff and students from the University of Waterloo signed a call for divestment prepared by the Climate Justice Working Group of the Faculty Association of the University of Waterloo. On the October 27th Board of Governor meeting, following the presentation of this letter, Board of Governors member and O'Donovan Director Anne Bordeleau read the following statement on behalf of the School of Architecture Faculty members and Waterloo Architecture's Sustainability Collective to support the call to divest from fossil fuels:

"Faculty at the School of Architecture, together with students from Waterloo Architecture’s Sustainability Collective, join other members of the University in a call for the University of Waterloo to immediately begin to divest from fossil fuels. The COVID-19 pandemic and the environmental, social and racial inequity it has brought into sharp focus make this call more pressing. By moving toward a carbon-neutral investment portfolio, the University will not only be working towards a climate-safe future but also supporting the beginning of a broader conversation on environmental justice."

The Board of Governor will come back with a fuller response to the call at its next Board meeting, in February 2021.