Open Call: F_RMlab 2021 Digital F_RUM

9:00 AM
11:59 PM
Organized by:
Christopher Hardy
Adrian Chiu
Cynthia Chiu
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Open call poster

F_RMlab will be hosting its inaugural digital forum this spring on the intersection of architecture and emerging technology. The mission of this event is to facilitate in-depth discussions to engage current graduate students, alumni, and professionals to broaden the discourse of computational and technology driven design at the University of Waterloo School of Architecture. The structure of this forum will be free-form where interested presenters are invited to speak on a topic of their choosing. For current graduate students, this can be a way to present your current thesis research to a larger audience. For alumni and professionals, this can be an opportunity to discuss the implications of your architectural practice in relationship to emerging technologies and academia. 

*This call is open to current M.Arch students, graduate alumni from the School of Architecture, and current faculty members to present a topic of their choosing at this Symposium. The deadline to apply is March 15th  at 11:59PM EST.*

Date of events to be determined based of presenter’s schedule. 

Link to apply: