SWAPP: Submission Day

12:00 AM - 11:59 PM
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Poster for SWAAP. The text reads "swap your creativity with others through poetry and photography, BRIDGE invites you to share your suggestion for a new personal holiday"

We are very excited to bring you our event  SWAPP!  With the holiday season fast approaching, BRIDGE asks: if you could invent a holiday, what would you celebrate? What makes you happy? What inspires you to celebrate? And when and how would you like to celebrate it? Perhaps November 8th can be No- shave day ; November 21st can be Day-of-Ninja ; and December8th can be Pretend- to- be- time traveller-day, the possibilities are endless! 


BRIDGE plans to host a 3- steps virtual talent exchange based on the idea of a personal holiday depicted through either a photograph clicked by you or in the form of a poetry. 

  • Step 1 (November 19th) - Day for submissions
  • Step 2 (November 20th)  - BRIDGE will arrange for a swapp and will be sent to the participants via email
  • Step 3 (November 26th) – SWAPP Virtual Exhibition Opening Night


Send us your entries HERE.


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