galt. Issue 03: Burning Launch Party

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Poster Titled "virtual launch party, 11/26/20 at 7pm"
Issue 03 of galt — BURNING — Virtual Launch Party
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Issue 03 of galt — BURNING

2020 has been unlike any year we’ve seen before.


Siberia reported record-breaking heat waves, Australia was engulfed in bushfires, San Francisco's sky burned orange, and Canada’s last fully-intact ice shelf collapsed—all while the entire world started battling a cataclysmic pandemic. Against this backdrop of increasingly severe climate change, the globe is witnessing one of the largest civil rights reckoning in living memory. It’s clear that the time to design for change is more urgent than ever—but how do we do it best?


We must question the ways in which architecture is discussed, taught, practiced, built, and operated. Are these responses an extension of current tools, methods and pedagogies—or a departure from them altogether? By curating the work of students and professionals across Canada, galt. explores how we can design for change, and more importantly, to what (or whose) end.


Thus, issue three of galt. positions the design profession as an agent of social and climatic change while its accompaniment zine—here & now—dissects and addresses its systemic complacency. Burning features the following writing: Jade Mandbodh collects and extracts colour from industrial ruins; Zachary Coughlan speculates on potential futures for oil rigs off the coast of Newfoundland; Jesse Bird finds spatial and cultural agency through recycled paper; and Hiba Zubairi investigates the black market “water gangs” of Lahore, Pakistan. These projects sit among twelve other essays and are presented alongside eight original interviews—including features from Kiel Moe, Urbonas Studio, and Ange Loft—that prioritize social and environmental resilience in our cities.


The book launch will feature discussions with the authors of the aforementioned contributions as well as the introduction of galt. issue 04!