Global Practice Sessions - Speakers Series: Joe Osae Addo, Abigail Moriah, Matt Bolen

9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
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MArch Professional Practice Program
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All are invited to attend; registration is required. Alternately you may view the lectures via Livestream on our YouTube channel.

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The Global Practice Sessions - Speakers Series is part of the MArch Professional Practice program at Waterloo Architecture, bringing together speakers from the local to the global, talking about their diverse and varied experiences of practice in architecture and related design fields. Presenters discuss what motivates them and the opportunities a design career offers, in making meaningful contributions to their communities and the larger world around them.

Chosen for the diversity of interdisciplinary work they do, ranging from conventional architectural practice, to landscape, interior and graphic design, product design, visual arts, critical writing, project development and social justice advocacy, the work of these practices demonstrates the synergies and opportunities within these overlapping disciplines, to create meaningful artefacts and enriching environments for their users.

Thursday April 29, 9:00am | Joe Osae Addo

Joe Osae Addo has practiced in Los Angeles, Washington and Ghana West Africa as founding partner of Constructs LLC, engaged with community development projects, combining an interest in ‘inno-native’ architectural design and construction development.

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Thursday April 29, 10:30am | Abigail Moriah

Abigail Moriah is a registered professional planner and co-founder of The Black Planning Project, which focuses on community development and advocacy, challenging the lack of diverse representation in the development industry.

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Thursday April 29, 1:30pm | Matt Bolen

Founding partner at Edge Architects, based in Waterloo, Ontario, the firm covers residential, institutional, and commercial sectors, pursuing innovation through modular pre-fabrication, mass timber construction and high performance design.

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