50 Years of Smale Project - Yvette Jancso

Black and white image of casts in Lang Tannery
4B Option Studio – Dereck Revington - Lang Tannery - Casts
Diagram of Rail Lookout View in Linear Park
Linear Park – Rail Lookout View

Yvette Jancso has practiced in the fields of architecture and urban design for over 20 years, with an interest in and focus on uniting the scale of the individual with the scale of the urban environment. She has worked with firms who specialize at both ends of the spectrum, from finely crafted and precise detailed design to urban rejuvenation and master plans.

Yvette Jancso has shared her 4B studio project from Dereck Revington’s Option Studio in the abandoned Lang Tannery, and the Linear Bridge Park, a current project with Kasian. In both projects, there is an intent to develop an architectural language through mapping, mirroring and reinterpreting site while attempting to bring in nothing that is extraneous to the design.  The first project is an intimate mapping of an industrial building, and the intent of the second is to enable the individual to experience both the vast and the intimate through the inhabitation of infrastructural elements while forging a connective and active link.

Her current research focuses on creating resilience in the built environment.  She has an upcoming presentation of the findings of our Mixed-Use Taskforce at the RAIC’s, Architecture and Urbanism series, link here.  Their work was also outlined in Canadian Architect, Ideas, here.  As a member of the Urban Land Institute Program Committee, she is working to shape and focus the conversation around architecture and urbanism.