Affordable Housing is Environmental Justice:Confronting Systemic Bias inthe Housing and Climate Crises

Teaching Assistant(s)
Kate Brownlie
Anna Longrigg

The challenge of this studio is to identify and evaluate the existence of indirect and systemic biases that contribute to the housing and climate crises,to identify what pivots are needed to ensure housing affordability and environmental justice, and to design housing implementing these pivots. The geographic scope of this project is the Eglinton Avenue West and Oakwood-Vaughan area (see map next page).For this studio, you will be challenged to think about the role of architects, and of the neighbourhood as a laboratory of powers distributed between developers, architects, planners, local businesses, community residents, and ecologies. This will be done through twoprojects, one which does research into the history and local context of urban planning and urban,change and a second which proposesdesigns for affordable housing at urban and architectural scales. The design process will include opportunities for tenants in the neighbourhood to provide their feedback on the developing design.