Architectural Steel Design


Using an international database of case studies this course examines in detail the architectural design, specification, fabrication and construction process for Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel (AESS). It references the standards that were developed by the Canadian Institute of Steel Construction. Lectures will address topics including, the AESS Category Approach, fabrication standards and practices, project communication, tensile structures, diagrid structures, curved steel, castings, pedestrian bridges, steel with glazing, steel with timber. 

Understanding the way that we build leads to detailing that respects the nature of this highly dangerous construction type. There are aspects of social justice implicit in the way that and what we design and our expectations of the risks that we expect others to take to bring our dreams and digital musings to fruition. 

The work of the term will use current steel based competitions to explore detailed design application of the material. The term’s knowledge will then focus on a design project that requires students to design and detail architecturally exposed structural steel systems, connections and buildings using a non-numeric approach. The overall intention is to provide you with a high level appreciation of steel structural systems and an adeptness for detailing that is appropriate to the specific project and building type. The work of the term is intended to provide you with a significant pieces for your portfolio. 

Students will  

  • keep a detailed sketchbook of examples and details addressed in class 
  • prepare a weekly sketch of a steel detail 
  • in teams of 2 (masters) or (undergrad) students, complete the CISC Design Competition. This year’s topic is called The Market Hall, with a focus on the creation of a large steel canopy. The prize money has been upped substantially over previous years!