Approaches to Urbanism


The course provides a cross-disciplinary overview to approaches to architecture and urbanism. A series of topics are introduced, and students select, and/or combine approaches, to present seminars on selected topics, using a case study method and ideally linking the subject to an emerging master of architecture thesis in ques@on. Reference to tradi@ons such as illustra@on, serial comics and mass-prin@ng methods help to link urbanism and architecture with other drawing and depic@on modes and dissemina@on of informa@on. The final submission will take form similar to a short graphic novel illustra@ng an array of design principles. The work of contemporary architects, designers and ar@sts, ranges from Canadian ar@sts such as Seth or Marcel Dzama’s storyboards for filmmaking, to graphic novelists using ink such as Julie Doucet of Montréal, Chicago-based Chris Ware, NY-based Raymond PeObon; to designers, some@mes of illustra@on-influenced architecture, such as Archigram, BIG, Cedric Price, Neuteling (of Neutelings Riedijk) OMA, Superstudio, David Adjaye, to moving image clips or films such as Nairobi- based sci-fi short Pumzi by Wanuri Kahiu of 2009, or reference to Mayan glyphs, or Benin bronze sculpture, introduced by historian David Olusoga. Science fic@on texts by authors such as Octavia E. Butler whose work predicts climate change issues will be introduced. Cartoon-style drawing and storyboard will be referenced as prototype and precedent for the final submission.