3B Design Studio: Open Architecture Studio: Architecture for People by People (A4PBP) / Enns


“I think the challenge facing the next generation of architects is ‘how are we going to turn our client from the 1%, to the 100%”

– Alastair Parvin

In this studio we will study the ways in which buildings change through time, and how architecture can be designed for adaptation by its users. For too long architecture has been designed as a static product with little consideration for the way it must adapt in the face of changing user needs, desires, and emotions in ensuing years. Architecture needs process design, not product design. 

Students will be introduced to planning tools and methods that allow designers in adjacent fields (like strategic design, service design & design consulting) to understand human desires and emotions, and to design processes that unfold in time to address these. 

Students will focus these tools on the analysis of existing successful self-build technologies that allow users of architecture to modify their own spaces. In a final project, students will imagine how a ‘toolkit’ approach to architecture might empower people to design and build for themselves.